Jul 31, 2011

Mapping My Brain and Surgery

When I woke up the second time not much had changed but I had potassium running through my IV and apparently they were getting access to my brain (removing a piece of bone). They gave me some kind of meds so I was EXTREMELY relaxed. I could have been the most wanted woman in the world but I wouldn’t have cared. I heard chitter chatter above my head but I couldn’t make out what they saying. I heard Dr. Cohen explaining something…I assume to one of his residence.  Dr. Cohen is a fantastic individual with a distinct voice. I can tell the difference between his voice and someone else’s voice from a mile away. It’s hard to explain; it’s kind and gentle but strong and confident. Anyway that’s where the counting began. If you have watched the video in my previous blog, you will see what I call and mini Taser gun. When the doctor touches the Taser to your brain your brain will stop working in that spot. (just watch the movie lol) Dr. Cohen told me I could start to count now. So I start counting and he touches my brain with the Taser if I lost my speech he would know not to cut there because it was my speech section of my brain. So the count, cutting, and Tasing went on for a while and he was done mapping my brain so just cutting the tumor was left to do. I was still there laying carelessly on the surgery table looking around trying not to distract the Doc. Though I really wanted to jump out of my skin and join him. I mean how many people could say they have seen or touched their own brain? I don’t know anybody do you? But that was not possible so the speech pathologist and I started to talk. She asked what do and I said I work at a preschool with special needs and at a hospital during the weekend while I finish up school. Then I heard the distinct voice shout over the sterile zone “over achiever” then everybody including I laughed. I said back to him….you’re the brain surgeon, and we laughed again. The speech pathologist asked me what kind of needs I have worked with. Fragile X, Shaking Baby Syndrome, Downs, Cerebral Palsy, Prenatal Stoke, Autism and the list goes on and on.  She asked what is your favorite to work with. I replied autism and shaken baby syndrome and I went on explaining those are the two I have seen most behavior from. I am fascinated with behaviors.  Another voice in the crowed asked why do you think autism has a high behavior rate….I said I don’t know but I would like to study it someday but I do know most of the time there is a language barrier. They are indeed smart kids. We doubt them too often. Most of the time they know what they want or need but can’t verbally tell us. That would make me frustrated to, on top of the sensory issues and the stimuli around them 24/7.  Dr Cohen then follows, “Sarah Tweed, you my favorite patient I have ever had.” Considering he was taking my filter out as we speak (the tumor, I was convinced, was my patience and my filter) and without a thought I asked him, “just wondering, do you say that to all of your patients?” He and the residence laughed and one voice stood out and said “NO! he sure doesn’t.” the room was silent for a few minutes. It was kind of awkward. Then Doc said the tumor was out and pieces of it were on the way to pathology and the other half I donated to IU Med Center. When they started closing the brain I was confused when Doc. told me to start counting as high as I could. I didn’t ask question I just did what I was told. I got to 8 and then I stopped. Doc asked if I know the next one. I said yes and then started over. This time I got in the 20 and stopped. I was having a seizure and I remember all of it….  


Reality Jayne said...

Sarah....You sure are brave..I admire your attitude and positive way of handling this whole thing....Love your blog

janis said...

brave indeed! And what a remarkable story you are able to share!

Barb said...

Sarah you are hysterical!

Keep up the good fight!!!!!

G said...

I love reading your blog. I work with kindergarteners with special needs and can't wait for school to start at the end of the month. Keep blogging and healing.