Jul 8, 2011

It was the start of never-ending questions

When I was in the emergency room the Doc ask if I hit my head. I told her no, I did not hit my head...I didn't even fall; I was still standing. She did not seem to believe me because she asked that same question 4 more time. My friend jumped in and told the persistent doctor that she was there and she didn't hit her head. Besides she ALWAYS wears a helmet,it's the league rules. The doctor left me alone after that.
I came out of surgery with 1 plate and 10 screws in my leg to hold it together. Three week later I started running a fever for several day. Back to the doctor I went. They checked for infection just in case but there was none. I followed up with our family doc; she gave me antibiotics for the fever. Before I left she asked me, "Did you hit your head when you broke your leg?" by this time I didn't know what to think. She and my mom began to talk and my mom told her sometimes I have slurred speech and other times I lose my speech completely for seconds. I told the doctor that this has been happening for about a year or more. I thought it was because I'm tired all the time. I work midnight on the weekends and days during the week on top of 5 classes. She knew our family background of seizures so she recommended an MRI and EEG just to be safe. I agreed to that.
The following week I set my MRI and EEG appointment for 7am so I could go to work that afternoon. The MRI was to be without contrast. The tech was so nice and calm as she set me up for the MRI. She explain what to expect and she headed out of the room. When she came back in her body language was totally different as she brought in a HUGE needle. She told me that she called my doctor and got an order contrast. 2 hours after the MRI my doctor called me and she told me that she needed to see my family and me today. My heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. I still went to work that day. We headed to the doctor after my shift was over. 


Scribe said...

it's amazing to me that you leg fracture didn't hurt... I am such a wimp... I would have demanded to be put to sleep!

God has his hand on you Sarah... fa sho!

P.S. Did I hear or read somewhere that you are a big GLEEK? How did I not know this???

Sarah Jane said...

It is true...I am a GLEEK...i love music and dancing in general. Idina Menzel is my all time favorite