Jun 30, 2011

I met Joel a few summers ago when he was dating my best friend's twin. He was calm cool and collected. I remember it was getting dark when he and Brooke pulled up and walked on the court where Brit and I were playing basketball. My phone was playing Skillet and he commented that my music taste was superb. I began to get to know who he really was as the 4 of us were playing basketball. Brit and I watched them drive off late that night as we walked to my house.later that night I was sitting there awake thinking he was the nicest guy I have ever met; what is he thinking going for a somebody so careless like her. He needs to be with me. I think it was the "I eat catsup with catsup" shirt that got me. a long with is since of humor he has a huge heart and hard worker. Long story short Brooke broke up with him two times when and won the gold.
One evening he took me to the hospital where his mom has been for quite some time. She was diagnose with breast cancer 7 years and is holding strong with good faith; what would any other good single mom do? At this time she found out the cancer had spread to her brain and throughout her body. Shes the strongest person I know and still hold on... To Be Continued

- Sincerely Sarah's iPhone

Jun 28, 2011

The Beginning of the Beginning

I always considered myself active and adventurous. When I was 6 I had my life planned out , I was going to be in WNBA by winter and the first girl in NFL in the summer and fall. Eventually I realized life was going warped and shape us all by our experiences and dreams will change. I didn’t make into the NFL or WNBA but I played every sport I came across; some sports were a success (weightlifting and track) and some...not so much (golf).  After high school I triggered an interest to stand for kids with special needs. I worked Church camp taking care of them and providing best, experience I could for them. This experience was phenomenal and changed my life. In the fall I worked at non-profit company whose focus special need ages 6 weeks through adulthood; and of course school in the fall. 2 par time jobs and full time classes, my life was eventually boring to me, I need a little change. I prepared myself for a little adventure…well, I thought it was little but evidently God had something different mind.