Jan 10, 2012

I think there were ants in my bed

Who knows how long I was in that bed. It was one of those electric beds I use on the floor I worked in. The employees really love the beds. It weighs the pt, installed bed alarms, and air moves though it to help with pressure sores. I honestly did understand why the pts would complain about the bed but I do now. Just when I got comfortable the bed would move and the motor is louder than I thought. Then there was the SCD’s. I have no clue what that stands for but we use them on my pts too. They are things that wrap around your calf muscles and they inflate and deflate for people to help prevent blood clots in the legs. But I only had one on my right leg but I had the big hot pink cast on the other. Again I always thought it would nice. I kind of thought it would feel like a leg massage… it didn’t. it was then I started to feel sorry for all the pt (or most of the pts haha) I put in those bed, and put the SCD’s on, and leave the blood pressure cuff on the same arm…
My dad always said why don’t you watch tv? But by the second day I was getting annoyed and antsy. I don’t even watch TV at home! That afternoon I took a nap after and nice dose of pain meds. my family always left when I fell asleep to eat or take a nap too. I woke up to “Miss Tweed,” I hate being called Miss Tweed but I didn’t say anything, though I couldn’t if I tried. “I am your Physical Therapist may I work with you?” I was so glad to hear those words. We began by wiggling toes and fingers, and lifting my limbs, and the strength test. I was able to left both legs but my arm and face were still flaccid so I couldn’t walk today but I could sit in a chair with the chair alarm on. That was okay with me. I was just happy to get out of bed!