Oct 18, 2011


Doctors, residents, and nurses came in and out of my room to examine me. They went through the routine neuro check and blood draws but I couldn’t ever lift my arms to touch their hand.  I laid there action less but yet I was aware of everything that was going on around me. They took me down for a stat MRI and strap me to the bed and in the giant magnet I went. When I got back to my room all the responders were gone and my parents were waiting on me to get back. The nurses came in moments later and relieved us with the news of the MRI, it was not a stroke it was strong seizure and the good news was that my brain was clean. She explained there aren’t any visible traces at this time of a tumor but there will cells that line the brain that we cannot see (which makes since) but after all that drama I lost more mobility which would come back and I good report of the surgery…I will take that.