Jul 3, 2011

The Start/End of Roller Derby

Joel is fantastic man. He would go out of his way for anybody. I work just over 40 hrs a week and I went to school full time, and he was juggling 6 classes, sick mom and a little sister. The time began harder to find to spend together. When I told him I was trying out for roller derby it became a touchy subject (rightfully so). Joel and I ended up going our own ways but we still keep touch. For the next month I would get off work at 5 and to the skating rink I went to train for derby tryouts, and to home to finish homework. My family was criticized me; "You have got to be kidding me; you broke your arm 2x on roller skates!" I thought that was 15 years ago. I have been rollerblading and I haven't had any trouble with that. The following week I met with the coach and he invited me to join the team. I was soooo happy.It was outlet of my frustrations and stress of my busy life... until my first scrimmage practice. I've have been an athlete ALL my life. I was state competitor in high school and broke a state record in weight lifting but no practice I have ever attended was harder than this. I remember looking at the clock and saying to myself only 30min left!! I CAN DO THIS!! The last drill I trying to block our quickest skater and she, of course, past me. The coach told me to wait for her next lap and wait for the other blockers to catch up so they could help me. I immediately put my brake on and heard a snap in my leg. I took my skates off and walked back to the bench. It didn't hurt but there was something moving inside of it. Come to find out I had a spiral fracture and 3 ripped ligaments...this meant surgery 


Reality Jayne said...

Hmmmm...A roller dream fractured at the start..hehe
I bet when she came around again you woulda kicked her ass.

Scribe said...

I'm with RJ... you would have prolly taken her DOWN... You are a rock star if you didn't feel pain... I would have passed the heck out!

Bee Lady said...

OH MY GOSH! In my alternate ending...you kicked butt!

I have a pair of roller skates - white with pink rollers - hidden in the attic. I think I'll get them out and see if I can stand up in them!

Cindy Bee